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Stable Coins
Fiat-backed, crypto-baked, CBDCs. . .

Non-Fungible Digital art, ticketing, gaming

Carbon Credit Tokens
Tokenized Emission Certificates

Platform Tokens
Utility, Community, Token Sale . . .

Security Tokens
Bonds, equities, fund shares . . .

Tokenized Real Assets
Real estate, commodities, art . . .

Tokenized assets are only as strong as the wallet infrastructure that secures them.

All-in-One Tokenization Platform

Our all-in-one platform provides you with the institutional grade wallet infrastructure and smart contract interaction capabilities you need to operate your Tokenization projects. Designed for both beginners and experienced users, it makes it easy for anyone to launch and manage end-to-end tokenization projects from one unique place.

Learn how to Issue, Mint, and Manage with Ease

Power Your Entire Tokenization Projects

Intuitive User Interface

Manage your token operations through an interface designed with user-friendliness at its core, enabling both technical and non-technical individuals to navigate with ease.

Token Factory Access

Break barriers with our fully Integrated Token Factory Partners. Enjoy a hassle-free, secure, and rapid deployment process, empowering your business to launch tokens with agility and confidence, without bogging down in technical complexities.

Powerful Automation

Optimize your token management with our advanced API automation, boosting efficiency while minimizing errors throughout your asset journey.

Custom Governance

Take full control over your token lifecycle with our robust policy engine. Define granular policies for minting, transferring, and burning while automating workflows to prevent unauthorized actions and streamline your token management.”

Compliance Ready

Seamlessly integrate KYC/AML compliance checks into your token issuance and management workflows, ensuring that all tokens are fully compliant with country-specific regulations.

Secure and Scalable

Grow effortlessly with a platform designed to evolve with your needs, ensuring leading hardware security at every steps. Benefit from 100% self-custody, eliminating third-party risks and ensuring emergency asset recovery.

Unparalleled Control in Token Management

Set up rules and user access exactly how you want them. Configure policies and permissions with unmatched precision. From minting and transferring to burning processes, assert full control to prevent unauthorized token operations.

Plus, empower your operations team to automate approval workflows using our API, streamlining daily token management for efficiency and peace of mind.

Security Features You Won’t Find Elsewhere

Elevate trust and safeguard your brand’s reputation with our exclusive innovations: Integrated Web3 Checks and Clear-signing for smart contracts and transactions.

Safeguard every transaction with real-time assessments and ensure what you see is genuine, for unparalleled trust and security in every interaction.

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Our Partners

A Straightforward Journey from Concept to Execution

Bitbond provides scalable tokenization infrastructure for financial institutions and enterprises, with a proven track record supporting 30+ institutions since 2019. Bitbond also offers advisory services with end-to-end support.

Tokeny is a leading global provider of technology solutions that enable securities issuers, agents and investors to seamlessly issue, manage and transfer digital assets on a secure and efficient blockchain infrastructure.

Eniblock is a technology provider with 5+ years of experience building scalable blockchain solutions for large European enterprises. Eniblock offers enterprise-grade APIs and SDKs that make it easy to incorporate Web3 experiences into customer journeys.

Deloitte, active in 150+ countries, leads in blockchain consultation and audit services. Collaborating globally, we facilitate innovative blockchain projects, guiding businesses and governments in leveraging digital assets effectively.

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Ledger Enterprise is not a custodian. We provide innovative technology solutions that empower companies to self-custody their digital assets or the digital assets of their clients. With our solution, you are in full control of your private keys’ assets. In the case of Ledger Enterprise TRADELINK, Ledger acts as a technology provider and never assumes custody of funds, ensuring complete independence from escrow processes and compensation management.

Absolutely not. Ledger Enterprise believes in transparent, predictable pricing. That’s why we don’t charge any transaction fees, allowing you to manage your financial forecast with complete peace of mind. Make as many transactions as you wish without the worry of unexpected costs creeping in.

The Ledger Enterprise Platform is a SaaS self-custody and digital asset management platform designed for institutions. It provides a secure infrastructure to secure, manage, and interact with crypto / digital assets. The platform offers features such as Customizable Governance, API Automation, advanced Reporting, and all the services a Web3 business needs, including secure Custody, Staking, NFT management, Tokenization, DeFi, and Trading. Leveraging Ledger’s industry-leading technology, the platform ensures the utmost security of digital assets, all while removing the need for users to have technical expertise.

The funds are secured using Ledger Enterprise proprietary technology. Ledger Enterprise uses a multi-layered security model to protect its users’ funds. This model includes Hardware Security Modules (HSMs), Personal Security Devices (PSDs) and Proprietary OS. This unique security model allowed us to be the first digital asset security platform to obtain a Custom Crime Insurance Policy in 2019. You can learn more about our security model here:

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