Next Generation Crypto Trading Technology for Institutions: Faster, Cheaper, Safer.

Build your own
Trading Network.

Protect your Business.

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The Clearing Network Technology that SAFEGUARDS your Business.

Ledger Enterprise TRADELINK is a revolutionary trading and settlement network technology. Fully customizable, It empowers you to build your own trading network for unmatched control over your digital assets. With Ledger Enterprise TRADELINK, you can:

  • Trade on multiple exchanges without on-chain liquidity re-balancing
  • Retain custodial ownership of your assets with off-exchange trading
  • Mitigate trading collateral risks across multiple third-party platforms
  • Seamlessly integrate your favorite counter-parties
  • Boost your ROI with automation and transaction optimization

And because it allows you to implement a traditional finance like model, it prioritizes auditability and regulatory compliance to ensure your long-term success.

Build Your Own Trading Network

The Ultimate Way to Remove RISK

Off-Exchange Trading – How it Works:

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Ledger Enterprise TRADELINK for:

Asset Managers
$0 Transaction Charges

Ledger does not charge on transactions, ensuring predictable operational costs and effortless budgeting to simplify your financial planning process.

80% Faster

Pledge assets through a unified custodian, streamlining multiple transactions. Experience significant savings on transaction fees and an 80% average time reduction by eliminating the need for transferring assets between multiple exchanges.

Reach New Audiences

Natively integrate with Ledger Enterprise TRADELINK and offer your services to Ledger Enterprise clients, while maintaining control over user interaction and experience.

The Best Security

Our Solution leverages end-to-end hardware security with 100% self custody. This means you have no exposure to third parties and you can recover all assets in case of emergency.

Trustless Governance

Monitor client’s exposure with real-time access to the Custodian Collateral account. Get live API notifications for fast execution, enabling a superior trading experience.

Navigate Regulation

Stay ahead of regulators with clear segregation of duties between technology provider, custodian, exchange/OTC and traders, mirroring traditional finance models. Access advanced reporting and transparent auditing at every stage.

Interested in joining Ledger Enterprise TRADELINK?

We’re here to help. Whether you’re an Asset Manager, Custodian, Exchange/OTC, or simply interested in learning more about our offer, our dedicated team of experts is here for you. Reach out to us and discover how Ledger Enterprise TRADELINK can effectively address your unique business requirements.

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Ledger Enterprise is not a custodian. We provide innovative technology solutions that empower companies to self-custody their digital assets or the digital assets of their clients. With our solution, you are in full control of your private keys’ assets. In the case of Ledger Enterprise TRADELINK, Ledger acts as a technology provider and never assumes custody of funds, ensuring complete independence from escrow processes and compensation management.

Ledger Enterprise TRADELINK is offered at no additional cost to all Ledger Enterprise clients, making it free of charge, including on transactions. Please note that network fees and partner fees, if applicable, still apply.

Trustless Multiparty Governance, also known as Counterparty Governance, is a robust framework enabling direct visibility of the collateral account by both the Asset Manager and the Exchange/OTC. This eliminates reliance on the Custodian’s intentions or data, enabling secure and verifiable operations without the need for trust.

Ledger Enterprise is the Business to Business (B2B) unit of Ledger. While Ledger Nano is the perfect solution for individual retail investors, it is not suitable for corporations that need flexible governance, customized workflows and additional security layers to protect and manage their digital assets.

The funds are secured using Ledger Enterprise proprietary technology. Ledger Enterprise uses a multi-layered security model to protect its users’ funds. This model includes Hardware Security Modules (HSMs), Personal Security Devices (PSDs) and Proprietary OS. This unique security model allowed us to be the first digital asset security platform to obtain a Custom Crime Insurance Policy in 2019. You can learn more about our security model here:

Yes. Our team of experts works closely with you, offering 24/5 Global Customer Support. We provide dedicated technical account management, engineering support, and personalized guidance to ensure your success throughout our partnership.

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