The world of Web3 for Consumer Brands

Our end-to-end solution provides simple, secure NFT Management for consumer-focused enterprises.

Foster loyalty, build community and secure your brand with Ledger Enterprise Create.

The new era of consumer behavior is now

Your brand, your smart contract, your value

Digital ownership is changing how brands and customers connect, building trust with shared networks, offering tailored experiences and using digital collectibles for engaging interaction. These are just some of the ways top brands are leading the way into Web3.  

Create, Manage and Move NFTs with Ease

Simple to start

Launch projects in days, not weeks with our user-friendly NFT management platform. From setup to mint day, easily manage your brands’, NFT journey with our end-to-end solution.

We grow with you

When projects scale, brands need automation, governance and treasury management to scale with them. Ledger Enterprise has got you covered.

Protect your brand

Your brand is your most important asset. If mismanaged, it can be damaged overnight. We empower organizations to practice self-custody, at scale.

Built for Growth, Secure by Design

Ledger Enterprise empowers consumer brands with robust security solutions, safeguarding brand assets and consumer data, fostering trust and confidence in the evolving digital landscape. Experience unparalleled protection with Ledger Enterprise.

Manage your Web3 journey from one place

Unlimited Web3 Access

Explore the power of Web3 by connecting with hundreds of dApps with Ledger Enterprise’s easy Wallet Connect integration. 

From digital finance to digital collectibles and everything in between. 

Power your brand success in the era of digital ownership with Ledger Enterprise Create.

NFT Gallery

Ledger Enterprise NFT Gallery offers a centralized, convenient solution to view all your digital collectibles, enhancing asset organization and maximizing marketing impact with ease. 

Reporting and Auditing:

Manage and monitor your NFT transactions with ease. 

Keep track of sales, purchases and signed bid/sell orders all in one place and with automated reporting.

Securely Store and Manage your NFTs

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are revolutionizing the way we own and manage assets, certifying the ownership of literally everything that exists through unique blockchain-based tokens.

Like any Web3 digital asset, NFTs need to be protected and secured. Ledger Enterprise is the secure gateway to store, visualize, manage and enjoy full ownership of your brands’ NFTs.

Clear Signing for Consumer Brands

Embrace Web3 securely with clear-signing technology. Ensure transparent, verifiable transactions, elevating trust and credibility for consumer brands navigating the decentralized digital ecosystem.

Billions in transactions,
zero mismanaged.

Web3 Leaders choose Ledger Enterprise.

Your Partner in Web3

Our world-class, global team can support you every step of the way. Reach out today to unlock Web3 alongside the most trusted brand in self-custody.


Ledger Enterprise is not a custodian. We provide innovative technology solutions that empower companies to self-custody their digital assets or the digital assets of their customers. With our solution, you are in full control of your private keys assets.

Ledger Enterprise provides solutions for companies that want to self-custody and secure their digital assets. Whether you want to add crypto to your balance sheet or explore the opportunities of Web3, DeFi and NFT, we are there to support you.

Owning crypto-assets means managing your private keys. If you’re not owning your private keys, you don’t really own your crypto. With Ledger Enterprise, you’re always in complete control of your private keys, meaning that you can recover your funds & assets at any moment if needed, independently of any third party, including us.

Ledger Enterprise is the Business to Business (B2B) unit of Ledger. While Ledger Nano is the perfect solution for individual retail investors, it is not suitable for corporations that need flexible governance, customized workflows and additional security layers to protect and manage their digital assets.

Ledger Enterprise is a solution combining Hardware, Software and Firmware. This unique architecture allows us to provide the only end-to-end security Software-as-a-Service solution on the market.

Ledger Enterprise is certified SOC 2 Type 2 and we are currently involved in the process of obtaining ISO 27001, ISO 22301 and the CSPN V4 security visa. Our technology is used by many regulated industry leaders all over the world.

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