#1 Most Trusted Brand in Web3 Security

Ledger’s mission is to secure digital assets and make them easier to use for consumers and enterprises. World-class security, flexible governance and powerful APIs for companies leading their industry into Web3.

Ledger Security, at Scale

Enjoy the industry’s most secure solution without having to sacrifice usability, speed or scale.

Keep complete control of digital assets in the palm of your hand, with the industry’s most secure and user-friendly Web3 platform.  

Our end-to-end solution combines Ledger’s proprietary hardware, firmware and software security stack with flexible governance and a best-in-class insurance program.

Our Security Model


True self-custody for your company. Recover your funds and assets at any time. No third-parties. Not even us.


As business grows, so do external threats. Our proprietary architecture and personal security devices (PSDs) eliminate man-in-the middle attacks. 


Build and scale custom permissions and workflows needed to operate your business and protect against internal threats.

Don’t trust, verify

With our hardware-first approach, every single transaction is verified with Clear-Signing technology. 
Eliminate risk of malicious attacks, collusion or negligence with What You See What Is You Sign (WYSIWYS).

Personal Security Devices

Hardware Security Modules

24/7 Military-Grade Protection

Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) are the second part of Ledger’s unique hardware based security architecture, making sure your customized governance rules are met before validating your transactions on the blockchain.

  • FIPS level III
  • Proprietary hardening
  • Cluster infrastructure
  • EAL5 + certification

The Gold Standard

The Industry’s Most Advanced Security Solution

Ledger’s proprietary OS is used in all Ledger devices, providing powerful protection against a number of threats.

Additionally, Ledger protects digital value in a FIPs level III hardware ecosystem, which is the same technology used by governments and international banks.

Custom Crime
Insurance Policy

$150,000,000 minimum tailor your insurance coverage.

No compromise on Security

Because peace of mind comes with guarantees, Ledger Enterprise created a turn-key Specie insurance program underwritten by Arch Insurance (UK) Limited.

Resources that will win you time

Through this Specie program, you can easily set up a custom policy as an add-on and reach groundbreaking insurance, with some of our clients covering up to $750 million.

Ledger Donjon

Hackers don’t rest, neither do we

The Donjon is Ledger’s state-of-the-art in-house attack lab made up of industry-leading security smartcard and blockchain experts.

The Donjon team works daily to find vulnerabilities in our products before the bad guys get the chance.

Billions in transactions,
zero mismanaged.

Web3 Leaders choose Ledger Enterprise.

Your Partner in Web3

Our world-class, global team can support you every step of the way. Reach out today to unlock Web3 alongside the most trusted brand in self-custody.


Ledger Enterprise is not a custodian. We provide innovative technology solutions that empower companies to self-custody their digital assets or the digital assets of their customers. With our solution, you are in full control of your private keys assets.

Ledger Enterprise provides solutions for companies that want to self-custody and secure their digital assets. Whether you want to add crypto to your balance sheet or explore the opportunities of Web3, DeFi and NFT, we are there to support you.

Owning crypto-assets means managing your private keys. If you’re not owning your private keys, you don’t really own your crypto. With Ledger Enterprise, you’re always in complete control of your private keys, meaning that you can recover your funds & assets at any moment if needed, independently of any third party, including us.

Ledger Enterprise is the Business to Business (B2B) unit of Ledger. While Ledger Nano is the perfect solution for individual retail investors, it is not suitable for corporations that need flexible governance, customized workflows and additional security layers to protect and manage their digital assets.

Ledger Enterprise is a solution combining Hardware, Software and Firmware. This unique architecture allows us to provide the only end-to-end security Software-as-a-Service solution on the market.

Ledger Enterprise is certified SOC 2 Type 2 and we are currently involved in the process of obtaining ISO 27001, ISO 22301 and the CSPN V4 security visa. Our technology is used by many regulated industry leaders all over the world.

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