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Security of digital assets has always been the core business of Ledger. We've been securing the assets of over 1.5 million individuals around the world and we want to bring the same security standards to our institutional clients.


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Main Benefits

Absolute security

Vault users never expose their private keys during day-to-day usage of the platform.

Independent Governance

You have full control over your Vault and assets. Ledger has zero access to your accounts and you are free to recover your funds without accessing the platform at any time.

Protection on all Fronts

A battle-tested combination of physical and virtual security layers protect your funds from both hardware and software attacks.

Trusted Display

Each Vault user benefits from a tamper-proof personal security device (PSD) which displays the full transaction details before it is signed. This eliminates the risk of address-swap attacks and phishing attempts. Remember, What You See Is What You Sign (WYSIWYS).


Ledger Vault will automatically issue a challenge to each personal security device (PSD) attempting to access the platform. Thanks to the root-of-trust system, only genuine Ledger devices can pass this authentication challenge, ensuring bad actors and non-genuine devices cannot establish a connection with the Vault.

Hardware-Backed secure Code execution

With Ledger Vault, the private keys and governance rules for each Vault instance are secured within hardware security modules (HSMs). These are monitored around the clock and are secured by multiple physical security layers. All sensitive code is executed directly within the HSM, leaving no potential failure points.

Internal security team

Ledger has its own internationally renowned internal security team known as Donjon. Donjon is composed of leading experts in the blockchain security industry, who work to ensure Ledger Vault remains the state-of-the-art in digital asset management.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cryptocurrencies can be secured in various ways—each of which has its pros and cons. For most digital asset holders, a cryptocurrency hardware wallet like the Ledger Nano X can be used to protect the sensitive private keys that represent ownership over these funds.

As their name suggests, most cryptocurrencies are protected by extremely strong cryptography that makes it practically impossible to calculate the link between public addresses and private keys when only the public address is known. Most cryptocurrencies use the SHA-256 hash function for this purpose, which has so far proven to be uncrackable. Beyond this, cryptocurrency private keys can be thought of like your credit card information—if you keep these safe, your funds are safe. Fortunately, there is now a wide range of security solutions to make this as fool-proof as possible, including hardware wallets for retail cryptocurrency users, and the Ledger Vault for institutional cryptocurrency users.

The safety of cryptocurrency trading is directly related to both the experience of the trader and the security of their chosen trading platform. Many prominent cryptocurrencies have demonstrated a long-term bullish trend, but they also suffer from extreme volatility, making them challenging to trade over short-term timeframes. Likewise, cryptocurrency exchanges also vary greatly in their security and liquidity. Overall, even casual investors now have access to highly liquid and secure cryptocurrency trading platforms, but turning a profit is never guaranteed.