Your business can securely thrive.

With the Vault, you can approve the governance and broadcast multiple transactions within minutes. All operations are made within a secured environment, without any point of failure.


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Main Benefits

Massive Scalability

Ledger Vault can handle thousands of concurrent transactions, suiting even the most demanding transfer needs.

Excellent Coverage

More than a dozen crypto assets and over 1,500 ERC20 tokens are supported, covering more than 85% of the global market capitalization of crypto assets.

API Integration

Ledger Vault can be easily integrated with your existing systems thanks to the recently released Ledger Vault APIs.

Agile Account Management

Ledger Vault puts you in total control over your accounts. Add, edit, or remove accounts in a matter of seconds. Each account can be accessed by as many or as few operators as needed, providing granular control over funds.

Transactional Control

Optimize your transaction flows by processing multiple transactions concurrently. Each transaction processed within Vault is securely held in memory until the requisite number of operator approvals are achieved. These can be approved and then broadcast in any order, at any time, giving you absolute control over pending transactions.

Simple User Management

You have full control over which users are able to access your Vault. Add or remove new users in just minutes and change their permissions as and when needed—all through a simple online interface. Each new addition needs to be approved by a quorum of administrators, and both administrators and operators can be removed or suspended if they are no longer needed.

Ledger APIs

With our APIs, you can integrate your existing tools with the Ledger Vault to benefit from streamlined reports and notifications to your back-office applications. Speed up your transaction submission process and automate your approvals to achieve scales not possible with other systems.

Here's why leading digital asset businesses choose Ledger Vault

Frequently Asked Questions

Technically, there is a hard limit of 75,000 accounts for each HSM, but it is unlikely any Vault client will ever approach this capacity limit. For all intents and purposes, Ledger Vault can handle as many accounts as are needed for your business.

New team members can be onboarded either as administrators or operators through a simple process. Each Vault supports a maximum of 20 administrators and an unlimited number of operators. The onboarding process for each new team member takes just minutes and the permissions of each user can be modified at any time following approval from a quorum of administrators.

Ledger Vault currently supports 14 different blockchains, in addition to all ERC20 tokens. Overall, this encompasses more than 85% of the market capitalization of all crypto assets, ensuring Vault clients can comfortably meet the demands of their clients. New crypto assets are added after stringent testing, following sufficient demand from current and prospective Vault customers.