The backbone of your digital asset operations

The Vault is the future of digital asset custody. Download this comprehensive solution overview and discover how our platform’s first-of-a-kind wallet management solution can enable financial institutions to build operations at speed and scale.

What's inside the Vault solution overview ?

Vault Governance

Implement a strong governance framework for your digital asset operations

Transaction Rules

Create flexible and scalable rules to comply with your internal policies

Platform Administration

Manage your accounts, wallets, users, and rules; and define approval quorums within the Vault

Transaction Flows

Achieve speed and scale in the transaction confirmation process

Multi Currency

Store over 12 native cryptocurrencies and 1,100+ ERC20 tokens

Security by Design

End-to-end hardware security for maximum protection against security threats

Download our comprehensive solution overview

And find out how the Ledger Vault platform can help you:

  • Build your operations around rich governance frameworks and reduce operational risks
  • Secure and transfer 1000+ digital assets, quickly and from anywhere
  • Maintain complete control over your wallets’ private keys
  • And so much more