You are in full control.

Ledger never holds your keys or manages any of your points of control. A backup recovery mechanism ensures you can independently recover your funds at any time without needing to use the platform.


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Main Benefits

Full Control

Ledger Vault is blinded by design. Crypto assets can be securely recovered when necessary, but Vault users never see or handle the private keys.

Absolute Speed

Verify your identity and log in simultaneously with the Ledger PSD. Get up and running in just seconds.


We give you the tools needed to securely manage your crypto assets. Say goodbye to the middleman!

Hardware-based Authentication

Each user on the Vault has their own unique personal security device (PDS) which is used to both authenticate their identity and manage access to the Vault. Once users have been onboarded, their capabilities are constrained by the governance rules associated with the accounts they manage, ensuring each user has the flexibility to complete their duties, without needing to manually verify their identity before accessing the platform.

Backup Recovery

In the unlikely event that Ledger Vault is for any reason rendered inaccessible, you will still be able to recover your funds at any time. Ledger provides clients with all the information needed to recover their funds in an emergency, ensuring your crypto assets are safe under even the most unexpected circumstances.

Tailored Governance

Your Vault, your rules. You can adjust the governance framework to best fit the needs of your business, including any mix of conditional workflows, whitelists, accounts, and as many users as you want. Designed to help you grow, Vault provides a flexible, readily-adjustable framework that can be moulded as you please.

Dedicated Account Manager

Ledger provides extensive training to help clients get to grips with their Vault. But if you encounter an issue, your dedicated account manager is on hand 24-7 to assist with any problems you might be facing. Whether it’s setting up an account, managing a whitelist, onboarding new users, or anything else, we’ll get you back on track in no time—all without ever asking you to fork over your private information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Neither Ledger, nor any other user on the Vault has access to the private keys. Instead, the private keys are derived from a master seed that is split into three segments known as shards. Each of these master seed shards must be securely delivered to the Vault by the shared owners, following which they will be combined into the master seed that is used to derive the accounts created on the Vault.

No, the governance framework can be adjusted without regenerating the private keys. Changes to the governance rules will need to be signed off by a quorum or administrators, as defined under the admin rule.

Each Ledger Vault client has a dedicated account manager included at no additional cost.