Integrate our expertise within your infrastructure.

Scale your operation, create and approve transactions and create reports within your existing backend without settling for less security.

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Main Benefits

End-to-end integration

Ledger Vault APIs are designed to make all Vault features directly accessible from your backend software. Extract your data, and onboard new users with ease.

Scale your business operations

Reduce the number of manual approval steps by initiating transactions directly from your backend applications.

End-to-end security

Thanks to the Ledger Authentication Module (LAM), you can communicate with the Ledger Vault over API without sacrificing security.

Concurrent transaction creation and approval

The Ledger Vault APIs allow transactions to be created and approved concurrently. When speed is critical, the Ledger Vault Transaction API will help you maintain your competitive edge. Initiate and approve transactions in seconds, not minutes.

Automated Operations

Use the transaction API to generate new addresses, initiate and approve transactions, or cancel pending transactions through your back-office applications.

Scaling governance and security

The Ledger Vault APIs give you the flexibility to process transactions at scale and maximize the efficiency of your operation. Transactions take just seconds to initiate and will be automatically measured against the governance rules to determine the approval steps required before broadcasting. These can be approved automatically or after further authorization, ensuring you retain granular control over your security when transacting at scale.

Easy Reporting

Through the reporting API, users you authorize can extract a wide range of data about your Vault, making reporting and auditing more convenient. Extract your transaction history, accounts list, balances, and more than a dozen other data points using your back-office applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Users can use the Ledger Vault API with the help of the Ledger Authentication Module (LAM) which sits on their back-end. This piece of software will communicate directly with the Ledger Vault with the added security that all messages initiated from the LAM will be signed with a key held by the client using the API

The Ledger Authentication Module is a piece of software that Ledger Vault users have to run on their infrastructure in order to connect to the Ledger Vault. API calls will be addressed to the LAM which will sign the messages and securely route them to the Ledger Vault.

All new API users will have to be authenticated by a quorum of Administrators of your Ledger Vault to verify their genuineness.