Ledger Enterprise Solutions Partners With Cryptocurrency Investment Fund Manager

June 17, 2021 - 3 min read

Ledger Enterprise Solutions has entered into an agreement with Netherlands-based cryptocurrency investment fund manager to secure digital asset portfolios through Ledger Vault, the institutional-grade custody technology for enterprises. Hodl is a cryptocurrency investment fund manager of the Genesis and Consensus funds and notably one of the first AFM (financial regulator in The Netherlands) registered cryptocurrency investment funds in The Netherlands.

Hodl will utilize Ledger Vault as the fund manager fulfills its promise to provide reliable, transparent, and safe solutions to protect client digital assets all while allowing for portfolio diversification strategies such as DeFi (decentralized finance) and interoperability solutions. Hodl will benefit from Ledger Vault’s end-to-end security infrastructure while being in complete control of their assets from trading to offline storage without ever compromising speed, flexibility, and governance. One of Ledger’s core values is the ability for clients like Hodl to be the sole custodian of their digital assets. Whether it’s a Ledger Nano hardware wallet or the Ledger Vault, clients are the only ones in possession of their private keys and therefore, in complete control of their digital assets.

“Hodl portfolio investors now have peace-of-mind, their digital assets are secured by the best-in-class solution on the market”, said Alexandre Lemarchand, Vice President of Global Sales & Partnerships at Ledger Enterprise Solutions. “We welcome the Hodl investment team and its growing portfolio into the Ledger Enterprise Solutions network, and look forward to future collaboration as we continue on our mission of institutionalizing digital assets securely.”

“As Hodl was scaling we noticed that the use of several different cold storage devices was not ideal. Managing separate accounts and balances became a nuisance,” said Nick Friedrich, COO at Hodl. “When setting up our investment funds, we started by using the Ledger Nano S and X, but soon realized we needed more control, transparency, and security. It was the logical next step to migrate to the Ledger Vault enterprise solution to offer investors the highest form of protection.”

Ledger Enterprise Solutions offers products and services specifically engineered with the needs of enterprise and institutional clients in mind. With Ledger Vault being the core product, Ledger Enterprise Solutions customizes operations at speed and scale for enterprises in need of a battle-tested security partner.

“As our funds and company grow, we will need the scalability Ledger offers. The road to regulation will be much smoother when roles and user flows can be set up to match risk assessments and rules put forward by regulators. We are really looking forward to testing the DeFi possibilities Ledger Vault can introduce,” said Peter van Dam, CFO at Hodl.

In 2019, Ledger obtained a pooled customized crime insurance program insuring crypto-assets for up to $150 million for its Ledger Vault platform led by the prestigious Arch UK Lloyds of London syndicate. All Ledger Enterprise Solutions customers including Hodl benefit from the Ledger Enterprise Solution platform’s custom $150 million pooled crime insurance.

About Ledger Enterprise Solutions

Founded in 2021, Ledger Enterprise Solutions is a division of Ledger, the global leader in security and infrastructure solutions for safeguarding critical digital assets. The mission of Ledger Enterprise Solutions is to enable the digital assets industry to become a multi-trillion dollar industry globally. Ledger Enterprise Solutions provides enterprise-grade security technology solutions and services for custodians, exchanges, banks, and traditional financial institutions. For more information: please visit


Hodl was founded in 2017 to introduce investors to Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology. It offers investors a hassle-free way to invest in a diversified cryptocurrency portfolio. Hodl is one of the first cryptocurrency investment funds registered with the Dutch Financial Regulator (AFM) in 2020. For more information, please visit: